Life groups are communities of believers that meet regularly outside of the normal Sunday church service and share life together. We believe that a Sunday service is an important part of church but has a number of limitations due to the large number of people involved. Life groups are the answer to some of these limitations!

Here, members get to know one another on a more personal level, share life experiences, dissect the Word of God together, encourage one another, pray for each other, worship together… and much more! This is the place where Spiritual gifts and leadership potential are discovered, nurtured and developed within a safe loving environment. We therefore strongly encourage every member of the church to be a part of a life group.


Life Group Venues

  1. Emerald Hill: Chipo and Mark Haper at 2:30pm contact person Bethule
  2. Marlborough: Rob and Margie Hollands 7pm contact person Rob
  3. Avondale: Meets at 6PM contact Simba
  4. Sentosa: Tapedza and Esther 7pm contact person Joyman
  5. Greendale: Femida 3:30 pm contact person Tanyse