Hi All,

Happy New Year!

God’s Kingdom is not if this world – what a joy and hope we have through all the ups and downs of life. Jesus is alive and is preparing His Bride, by His Spirit, for that day! It will all become clear and glorious.

Last night VP Chiwenga announced some measures that were to take effect ‘immediately’ in Zimbabwe.

Although there is some controversy about the actual time implications of the various elements he referred to in his message, I think it is safe to say that our best recommendation for Sunday church meetings today, 3rd January 2020, would be not to meet as formal church gatherings.

I attach here for your easy reference, a transcript of VP Chiwenga’s message last night as well as the SI that followed.

I’ll try to update with any more info that may be useful as we go .

I pray for wisdom for each leader as we shepard God’s people through ongoing challenges like this. That what the enemy intends for harm, God turns around for the saving of many lives.

Huge blessings to all,