Luke 20:41-44

When Jesus asks a question, it`s aimed at a greater revelation than what meets the natural eye. His questions get at the core of our spirituality and our belief. And the question he is asking us today is this, Who do you say that I am, whose Son am I? Even more directly – who am I to you? Am I God or I`m just merely a man, a regular guy?

It`s the very thing the religious leaders wanted to discredit Jesus for and have Him killed. Why? Because He “claimed” to be God. And this was super significant because acknowledgement of Jesus` claim as God would have momumental implications on everything. One of them being that, if Jesus is truly God, it means that He is the promised Messiah who would come to save the world and put all enemies under His footstool. The other implication being that it would also mean that The Bible is true, meaning Christianity is true, which would mean every other religion is false. But not only that, it would mean that the way, the only way, to get to the Father is through the Messiah, Jesus Christ, who is fully God and fully man. Huge implications. Implications that have eternity laid out, implications that offer us the choice to choose either eternal life or eternal damnation. John 3:16. All based on our answer to the question Jesus is asking us today, am I God or just merely a man?

At some point in our lives we`re going to have to give an answer to this question Jesus is asking all of us “What do you think about the Christ the Messiah, whose son is He?” Matthew 22:41

And how we answer that question defines and shapes our lives, defines and shapes what we believe and defines and shapes how we ought to live out our faith.

God`s heart is for us to clearly see again, as we should always do when we open the scriptures, the wondrous beauty and majesty of who Jesus Christ really is. Col 1:15, Romans 8:34. That we may see Jesus Christ not just as a guy in a frame hanging on the wall, but the eternal Son of God seated at the right hand of the Father fully God and fully man, interceding on our behalf, offering us the free gift of salvation by grace through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone, the hope of glory. God`s heart is for us to see His compassionate and unquenchable desire to open the eyes of the blind so that they can see who He really is and believe on Him.   To consider again whose Son Jesus Christ really is.  Son of David, yes, but also the eternal Son of God, the only Savior, who came first as an offering for sin and is coming again as a reigning King. Hallelujah

Sean Mambwere