Dear Friends, we pray you are well and enjoying JESUS! As we approach the end of 2015 we want to thank you all for your love, interest , prayers and financial support throughout the past year! God has been very kind and generous to us, His love never fails, we count it a real privilege to have these 13 wonderful children in our care, God has a great plan for their lives and He is providing all we need to help the children fulfil their potential through YOU! Here are pics and updates for our precious children during the November month.

nov 1

Kuda and Joshua are both doing great and eating well, we thank God for the peace and joy these 2 special children have in their lives even in the midst of their medical conditions. Joshua is a very happy smiley boy, he loves big hugs  and splashing in the swimming pool, he has a great appetite and has no major health issues. Kuda sees herself as the Queen of Jabulani, if she doesn’t get her way she lets everyone know, she loves listening to music tries to sing along in her own way. Please continue to pray for our much loved and unique special children.


Grace has enjoyed a successful year in 2nd grade and is eager to continue to learn, she is always reading books and testing herself with spelling and maths, Grace has been playing field hockey, netball and swimming this term and she wants to win at everything! She hates losing and has been known to do a bit of cheating with the smaller children to ensure she gets the win ( I wonder who she takes after here! ) Grace had a great final school report and her teacher speaks highly of her. Grace will be in 3 Blue class next year.


Blessing has opened up in class on her last term! Her teacher is very happy that she has gained confidence and is now participating in all the class activities, Blessing has mastered all her subjects and made new friends, she is getting louder and not quite as shy as before and we thank God for a great school report. Blessing has enjoyed swimming and playing field hockey this term and spoke very well in the school play with no nerves and a clear presentation, she has a great future ahead as she enters 2 Yellow class in January.


Hope is the opposite of shy Blessing! Loud  and laughing, singing and shouting, Hope is the life and soul of every gathering! Hope loves sports and has a go at everything , she is swimming well now and wants to be in the school tennis team….even though she has never held a racquet! in class, she has settled down and her Teacher commends her very highly in the end of school year report. She will be in 2 Yellow class in 2016


Daniel has had a few ups and downs in his first year of Primary school, he has coped well with the work and had a good school report…. but has had some in class issues, please pray he will know Gods help and behave and work as we know he can, Daniel is a very loving boy with a good heart, he was chosen to swim for the school team in a competition and won all his races at every gala.


Joseph is loved by everyone, he is a well mannered boy who loves to help people, Joseph is very sociable and enjoys talking and mixing with people, his attention span is very short and while he has done well in class and definitely improved he  still has a way to go, keep praying! Joseph loves watching movies and playing outside in the gardens. Next year Joseph will be entering a smaller class unit to help him focus more ( 2 Purple )

nov 6

Faith is doing well and listening better in class, she is a very sweet and tender little girl, she loves to play with dollies and when she listens to her play school teacher she can do everything in a very neat and tidy way. Please pray she will learn to sit still and listen, she has a tendency to go into her own little world at times! She does not like sports and running and is more happy singing and talking to everyone trying to copy her big sisters!


Esther continues to grow and develop wonderfully well, she is extremely bright and knows all her numbers, colours , letters and can speak in a beautiful way. Esther like Grace  always wants to win! She gets very upset if someone beats her at anything! Esther has a stunning smile and is a very happy and contented child who has a great desire to gain knowledge about her world.

nov 5

Sarah has developed rapidly this term and is mastering all the concepts in play school, she is talking well, in fact she never stops talking and has a huge sense of humour, she love playing jokes on her sisters and staff! Sarah has a great memory and loves to colour and make things in play school, she is also a great singer and loves to sing all the songs from her favourite movie Annie, complete with facial expressions and dance moves she is full of  fun and loves life.


Ruth is a small bundle of energy and life, she wanders around singing and smiling and is doing well in play school, she loves to learn and playing with toys. Ruth is also into climbing trees and quite fearless at times, she is very sweet and is happy to sit on a lap and talk all day long! She really is a special little girl.


Hannah also continues to develop well, she is not fighting everyone as much now and has a very sweet spirit, she still enjoys being by herself at times but also enjoys play school and is catching up a little on her big sisters.

She enjoys being outdoors and in the little swimming pool, her laughter and smiles are infectious and she enjoys singing and dancing, her greatest love is food, Keep it coming is Hannah’s mantra!

Abigail is a huge bundle of love and joy! She loves to learn and is also a great singer, Abi has a big wide open smile and gets on with everyone and  loves to dress up and go out in the car with Daddy. We thank God for this little girl who is very bright and has a great desire to be involved with everything around her, she thinks she is a big girl and can do anything with some hilarious consequences.

Right now we have Alison preparing to return to her nursing career in Zambia after 3 months with us, what a blessing she always is! We are going to miss her, Alison is a true servant and has a great heart for Jabulani and our staff and children, we wish her Gods blessings! Lesley is now in her 4th month at Jabulani during her sabbatical from teaching High School and has really entered in to the life of Jabulani and is contributing in a a great way to the l   lives of staff and children alike, she is enjoying herself! We have also had James and Eimear from Ireland with us for a month and they, as always, have been a huge blessing to us all.

As we approach the Christmas season all at Jabulani are excited, we pray you are excited also as we celebrate our Saviours birth, if it wasn’t for Jesus where would we be? Where would our Jabulani children be? What a privilege to serve them and  see God working out His plan in their lives. YOU  are a big part of their lives also by praying and giving YOU enable them to have a hope and a future.


Love from all in Jabulani and ZOC, Alan and Dorothy Graham

nov 3

PS  we are experiencing great difficulty with electricity in Zimbabwe right now, although this has been ongoing for the past 15 years! We are without power most days and are having 24 hour power cuts now which is a huge challenge at Jabulani, so we are trying to go the solar route as this makes more sense in our sunny climate, perhaps you would like to help us? Please pray and see if you could help us in this ongoing problem, God bless you