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As a young man, I attended a church with a form of liturgy you could set your watch by. Regularly they would serve communion to those of the church who had been christened and confirmed. As I arrived at this point in my life, I partook of communion without realising the nature and consequence of […]

Red Letters: God has a plan


In Luke 22:7-13 this passage, Peter and John enquire from Jesus where to prepare the Passover and Jesus gives them specific instructions for where to prepare it. The Passover was a commemoration of how God dealt with the Egyptians for their wickedness, delivering the Israelites from their oppression and leading them to the promised land. Join […]

Endurance through Suffering


Jesus in this passage, warns his followers that wars, natural disasters and persecution were coming. How did this encourage them then and how does this encourage us today to endure through the suffering we face today?

The widow’s offering


The story of the “widow offering” reminds us that God does not see or value us by the same standard as the world. He Looks at the heart. It also reminds us that God rewards a cheerful giver.