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Red Letters: Passover

by webmaster

As a young man, I attended a church with a form of liturgy you could set your watch by. Regularly they would serve communion to those of the church who had been christened and confirmed. As I arrived at this point in my life, I partook of communion without realising the nature and consequence of […]

God has a plan

by webmaster

LUKE 22:7-13 In this passage, Peter and John enquire from Jesus where to prepare the Passover and Jesus gives them specific instructions for where to prepare it. The Passover was a commemoration of how God dealt with the Egyptians for their wickedness, delivering the Israelites from their oppression and leading them to the promised land. […]

Whose wife is she anyway?

by webmaster

Author: Rob While preparing to preach this message last Sunday, I was forced to reflect on life events that have highlighted how much people fear dying! Culture has a large part to play in this. There are people with an annihilationist outlook to life… life and experience, consciousnesses etc., will simply cease when our mortal […]