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Life away from home

by webmaster

  The teaching of the importance of personal relationship with Christ was in every service as far as I can remember. A couple of times this question was posed : if one day we wake up and we can’t meet as we do on Sunday for church, Tuesday for prayers, Life Group , and any […]

Give your all to Jesus

by webmaster

By Roak Dunkley I was holding my two-year old daughter during the praise and worship segment of the service this Sunday, and I just sat down with her for a moment so as to rest my back a little. As we were sitting there I was looking at her knee, where there is a tiny […]

Home Grown

by webmaster

There will be another ‘Vegetables & Compost’ course on Wednesday 29th July, and a half day follow-up course on ‘Home Remedies’ on the morning of Thursday 30th July, as follows:- Full Day Vegetables & Compost Course: Date : Wednesday 29th July 2015. Time : 8am to 4.30pm. Venue : Foundations for Farming, The Glen, cnr […]

Mola Mission Trip

by webmaster

A day before we left for the trip, Tapedza my colleague apologised to the fact that we were going on a different trip than what he is used to. Thus from the beginning, I left knowing I was not going on a holiday. We left Harare at 8a.m and the larger part of the trip […]