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This is what love can do…but we have to let go

by webmaster

I have learned a lot about God’s love, and about trusting Him these past few months, from knowing a child.  I’ll call her Sarah.  Sarah grew up in a very vulnerable household, often went hungry and had never been to school.  Her mother despaired of her behaviour, because Sarah would run away from home for […]

We are closer than we think

by webmaster

I have always wondered what value togetherness has. I was raised in a family of 7. We spent a lot of time together whenever we could. After a while one by one we left our parents’ house in pursuit of education and work. We are scattered in different countries and towns. How come we connect vibrantly […]

Raising the younger generation

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I was thinking about what one could do to help the younger generation to set goals and standards for the future. I grew up in Waterfalls (predominantly) and spent the first foundational years of my life there. In sociology we say that socialization is very important and that at this stage we learn from what […]

Jabulani Update – November 2015

by webmaster

Dear Friends, we pray you are well and enjoying JESUS! As we approach the end of 2015 we want to thank you all for your love, interest , prayers and financial support throughout the past year! God has been very kind and generous to us, His love never fails, we count it a real privilege […]