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What do we think we are doing?

by webmaster

In my job, I have the privilege of meeting a wide variety of people on a weekly basis, all with different personalities and so many different stories. Though some of them may seem similar, there is a certain characteristic that makes them, “them”, unique and deserving of their own individual attention and care. So, as […]

Advice for Aspiring Christian Dancers

by webmaster

I have had the privilege of serving God in the area of arts and culture for over 12 years now and am still at it. I have seen God’s glory shine through as he led me and guided me through this jungle that is rooted in self-glory and self-aggrandizement. My desire in this blog is […]

God Reveals Himself in Ways We Couldn’t Possibly Expect

by webmaster

Brian Penduka The last few weeks I have wrestled with God and I have questioned the whole notion of religion and faith. But in one incident recently I felt God spoke to me in a number of analogies. An incident took place which involved the safely of my son (Biban), who locked himself up in […]

Wakanda and the Kingdom of God

by webmaster

Recently I’ve been thinking about Wakanda and the Black Panther movie, and because of my highly developed “black consciousness” I have a need to do some small measure of review. Primarily it struck me – mostly at the end of the movie and it’s been striking me ever since – that this story is not […]