Dear friends of Jabulani,

Greetings from a stinking hot Harare (35C / 95F). We are hiding in the shade and praying for some wind and respite! The mosquitoes are out in force and we are all being eaten alive! But we are thanking God for His peace, love and joy amongst us and His help in times of trouble, Amen!

We have had a difficult month in many ways, the cost of fuel remains at $3:33 per litre (over US$15 a gallon) and while the queues have shortened its still a challenge to find enough to keep us moving in all we do at Jabulani. We thank God that the Lord has opened a door to enable us to buy fuel with a foreign card that will relieve some of the pressure!

We are importing a lot of our foodstuffs and cleaning materials from South Africa which is actually saving us money, we have a guy who takes the order, drives to Johannesburg, purchases all the goods and brings them back to us, even with his transport costs it is still cheaper than buying here in Zim!

The children are all in good health, thank you for praying for Ruth, she has gained weight and height and has settled back well at Jabulani. She is behind in her school work but we believe she will catch up. Our main goal right now is to let her integrate with her siblings and know peace and joy in her life. She is singing and dancing again and has much more energy praise God!

Blessing celebrated her 10th birthday and Esther her 7th, we had a great party and Sylvia from our Church supplied a wonderful cake once again. It is fantastic to see our children grow and develop, they are great girls with a bright future. Blessing is shy and retiring and Esther is a born leader- fearless and bold. Pray this will be an awesome year for them both.

Grace has entered Maranatha PS and quickly established herself as the best swimmer in her year, Blessing, Hope , Daniel and Joseph have also made the swim team and athletics team. They are all very competitive and strive to be first ( We dont know who they get that from 😜) but more sport is one of the reasons we changed schools and the children are responding well to the challenges.

Please continue to pray for Dorothy. My manic running wife had a bad fall while running a marathon a few weeks ago and really hurt her face and arm but thank the Lord she also is on the mend and continuing to prepare for her 56k Two Oceans race in Cape Town at Easter.

Thank you to everyone who have been praying and financially supporting Jabulani, we have friends who have been on our family team for 10 years and some who have just joined this past week! God bless you all, we are very grateful. We could not do this without you.

Love from Jabulani,

Alan and Dorothy